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LEVEL 2 CONTRIBUTOR we are B.B.B.E.E. Compliant with a Level 2 contribution, because we believe that economic transformation is essential for the substantial development of the South African economy. Our Transformation agender is a key and critical element and is our commitment to the growth and development to the bigger economy through well placed skilled and semi-skilled candidates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.
Our team
•  Charmaine Van Der Berg – Executive Director
Charmaine oversees the company’s daily operations, coordinates our financial management task and develops plans to achieve our overall vision.

•  Ronel De Kock – Business Development Manager
Ronel works to bring in clients and generates lead strategies for networking with clients to build relationships.

•  Freda Drummond – Recruitment Manager
Freda works to bring in potential candidates and develops and refines our company’s recruitment process.
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